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Henley Bank High School

Henley Bank High School

Head Girl Welcome


Hello, my name is Lucy McNab and I’m proud to introduce myself as the newly elected Head Girl of Henley Bank High School. I would like to thank Mr Nash and the electing committee for believing in me and trusting me to do this speech without Mr Nash hearing it!

Our school is not just a school but a nurturing environment where the teachers are meticulous in their efforts to support us. Before Henley Bank High School, I was anxious about reaching my full potential and realising my ambition to study Criminal Law at a Russel Group University but now, thanks to the amazing efforts of staff putting strategies in place such as Period 0 and 6, I know that this ambition can be achieved. Lessons are calm and focused and a new strategy called Push Forward helps us to know what we need to do to improve.

Our school team is a team to be proud of. In the words of esteemed leader, Nelson Mandela ‘education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.’ Here at Henley Bank High School, I strongly believe that we have the potential to do just that, change the world.

Let’s make this a great year for Henley Bank High School!