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Henley Bank High School

Henley Bank High School

Brilliant Club Graduation

After nearly 3 months of hard work, the Y9 Brilliant Club graduated the Scholars Programme at the University of Bath.

From the launch trip to Exeter University, their 5 in-school seminars with a PhD tutor, and the subsequent submission of their final assignments the 8 students experienced nearly every aspect of University life. Their final 1500 word essays, How does contemporary poetry fit into todays world?, are an impressive read with students crafting arguments using a range of contemporary poets and supported by their own poetry. One essay was even described by the tutor as ‘one of the best pieces of writing’ he’d seen during his time with the programme.

The Brilliant Club is a UK charity that aims to widen access to highly selective Universities. It does this by equipping the students on the programme with the knowledge, skills and ambition necessary to allow them to make their own informed decisions about University. When this resilient, dedicated, multi-talented group make decisions about their futures they can do so knowing that, after graduating from such a challenging programme, top Universities are a place where they will definitely belong – if that’s what they want!