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Henley Bank High School

Henley Bank High School

Head Boy Welcome

Hello I am Oliver Long and I am very honoured to be Head Boy here at Henley Bank High School.

School has been more to me than learning to read and count. It has become a place where I have learnt to live an honorable life.  I have learnt the key qualities to be polite, respect others, be resilient, be kind and be a good friend, all qualities influenced through good leadership, quality teachers and good friends around me.  The aspiration here at Henley Bank High School is of the highest level, enabling all pupils to have a “Better chance of success”. As Head Boy, I hope that I can help be part of this influence by passing on my skills to fellow pupils.

I would like to share with you some of my experiences of Henley Bank High School that have given me a “Better Chance of Success”  over the last 12 months:-

  • Increased performance in my academic levels through attending working lunch and champions hour

  • 4 Day amazing trip to Rome

  • Representing Henley Bank High School at sporting events

  • Joining the residents of a local care home for a summer bar-b-que

  • “Winning” fun Friday lunchtime Bingo

  • Continuing my practice of piano

  • Work experience at Gloucestershire Airport

  • Gaining my Duke of Edinburgh award

I look forward to meeting with new pupils and existing pupils to offer my support in away possible.