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Henley Bank High School

Henley Bank High School

New News Story

Secondary School Swimming Gala 

I had the pleasure of taking a small group of 8 students to participate during the annual Secondary School Gala, which took part at GL1 Leisure Centre on Tuesday 20th November.

As a non-club swimmer it can be quite overwhelming to compete against and be amongst other participants who have been swimming for a club for many years.

This though did not phase our students and not only did all 8 students show impeccable behaviour throughout the event, they did show superb competitiveness and determination, which resulted in the following;

Y10     Oliver                               1st                25m Breaststroke

                                                     3rd                25m Frontcrawl

Y10     Grace                               4th                25m Frontcrawl

                                                     4th                25m Butterfly

Y10     Matt                                 4th                25m Backstroke

Y9      Amelia                              5th                25m Frontcrawl

                                                    5th                25m Breaststroke

Y9      Teegan                             5th                25m Backstroke

                                                    6th                50m Frontcrawl

Y8      Jack                                  5th                25m Frontcrawl

Y8      Lucy                                 6th                50m Frontcrawl

                                                   7th                50m Backstroke

Y8      Gemma                          7th                25m Frontcrawl

                                                   7th                25m Backstroke

An extra shout out to both Y8 Lucy and Gemma who swam up a year for the Y9 Freestyle relay with Amelia and Teegan to finish 7th

Mrs Finan

Henley Bank High School Swimming Teacher