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Henley Bank High School

Henley Bank High School

Our Values

Our Student Values

We strive to ensure students leave Henley Bank High School as confident, ambitious and high-achieving individuals.

We clearly communicate and embed our values - Ambition, Confidence, Creativity, Respect, and Determination, so that we can further develop high standards of integrity, discipline and self belief.

We insist that our students wear their uniform with pride, that their behaviour is exceptional and that they are excellent ambassadors for Henley Bank High School in the local community and beyond.


Henley Bank High School is a hive of ambition. We expect the very best from each other every minute of every day, because we believe that every one of us can succeed.

This is reflected in our challenging curriculum: we read ambitious books every day; we put intervention in place for every student who is falling behind; we provide access to complex and demanding knowledge concepts so that every student leaves able to compete with others who have been to the very best schools in the country.


We believe that what you know is important. Alongside that, we put equal weighting on how well you share that knowledge.

Our students are con dent young people who are equipped with the necessary oracy skills to become the politicians and public speakers of the future. We create opportunities for students to taste success early through ‘The Brilliant Club’; residential experiences (as early as the second week in Year 7); our debating society; the student council and a formal interview process for Head Girl and Head Boy.


While schools across the country are narrowing their curriculum, we are broadening ours with opportunities for creativity.

This extends through our house system, our annual shows, the school choir and much, much more. We value the arts and sport, and we work hard to support students to excel in these areas.


At Henley Bank High School, we expect disruption-free lessons day in, day out; lesson in, lesson out. This is borne out of a respect for each other and the right we all have to learn; the respect for education and value that we put on this; the fundamental requirement that we feel safe at school with each other; and the respect we have for the marvellous teachers at our wonderful school.

This is a tough but important aspect of what sets us apart from other schools. We respect our students so much that we do not accept any poor behaviour at the school. That said, we also have a lot of fun together through our celebration assemblies, our Director of Fun, our trips and visits and through our outstanding rewards system. We invest time in this because of the respect we have for ourselves and each other.


Our young people leave Henley Bank High School with a steely determination to succeed. We all recognise that some students find school harder than others, but this only drives our motivation further to ensure that no child is left behind.

Our students know what to do when they get stuck, they don’t give up, they relish the challenge that difficult tasks bring, they keep on trying and they win. Henley Bank High School staff and students are winners, whatever the challenge.