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Henley Bank High School

Henley Bank High School

Year 7 Netball match v Churchdown

Thursday 16th January 2020

This year group continues to amaze me with their progress. Not only have we grown from 1 team of 7 into nearly 4 teams this week, we are also starting to analyse our own games and notice where our mistakes cost us a little bit.

The gold team stepped out began strongly, keeping the ball moving well between Isobel, Olivia, Charlotte and Katie. The defence took a little bit of time to adjust to the moving shooters, but Sapphire and Mia continue to make great progress. A  bit too much footwork this quarter kept us trailing 2-5, but there was still plenty of time and changes were made to ensure everyone had taken to the court .

During the next quarter Sienna moved well and despite the 3 steps that crept in, worked well with Katie to get the ball into a shooting position. Verity supported positively making sure that she was on offer and feeding the ball into space, and before we knew it we were back within one goal, 6-7.

The last seven minutes was nail biting, and despite some awesome work including the use of the triangle around the circle (one very proud teacher to see this happen) the ball did not want to go through the net. A well battled and hugely contested game, but this time Churchdown take the win 9-10.

The red’s in their first match in what seems like ages had a great first quarter. Some strong defence by Eman kept the ball from going anywhere near the circle edge and she was easily intercepting passes. Emma was marking her GA well giving her little opportunity to receive a pass through court. The support and short sharp passes worked well and it was just unlucky that it was kept from getting into a position for the shooters to score.

Jasmine, Ketlyn and Erin worked strongly here. At the end of the quarter a very respectable 0-0.

Some changes came at the start of the quarter with Olivia moving from WD to C, Skylar moving from C to GA, and Sophie in her first game coming on as GK. The play and movement was great and the ball finally moved into a position for Jasmine to score the first goal of their game. Strong defence and well worked passes from Churchdown saw them equalise very quickly. Leah and Eman worked well both in defence and attack to support the team. The game finished 1-1 and it was a well deserved draw.

We look forward to meeting Churchdown again in two weeks time- so time to train and iron out a few things will see us bounce back again.

Opposition players

Sienna and Jasmine

Mrs Cuke’s players

Eman and Olivia H