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Henley Bank High School

Henley Bank High School

Extra-Curricular Activities

We have a range of Extra-Curricular activities for students to participate in during lunctime and after school. Please find the full details below.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We look forward to starting our Legacy Clubs again when the Government allows. Please keep an eye on the website and Facebook for details.

Boys Football Team 

Y7 boys 3-4 on Mondays after school

Y8 on Tuesdays after school

Y9 and 10 will also have a club on Tuesdays after school

Textiles Club

Year Group: Y7, Y8, Y9

Day & Time: Monday's 3pm - 4pm


Have you ever wanted to learn about textiles, sewing, fashion and fabrics? Our HBHS Textiles club will introduce you to the basics of hand sewing and different stitches, whilst we make a very cool 'Ugly Doll' toy in term 1 and then we will move on to further develop your knowledge of how to use a sewing machine and gain your sewing machine 'driving licence'. This club is open for the very novice of sewers and also those who have more experience of sewing and using a sewing machine.


Due to a staff meeting that is held 1 Monday per term, there will be no club running on Monday 5th October and Monday 30th November 2020.

D of E Club

Year Group: Anyone signed up for Duke of Edinburgh

Day & Time: Monday 3pm - 4pm


DofE Club will give you the chance to meet with your DofE group after school to complete your activities and upload regular evidence for your Skill, Volunteering, and Physical sections of the award to eDofE. We will also use the time to plan your expeditions. Attendance is not mandatory to get your award, but the club will give you a lot of support to complete your sections on time and let you work together with other students for your activities.

First Aid

Year Group: Y7

Day & Time: Monday 3pm - 4pm


A chance to learn and improve those important life saving skills.

Legacy Languages

Year Group: All

Day & Time: Thursday's After School


The club will aim to make you discover not only the language but also the culture of different countries (not necessarily only French and Spanish speaking countries, we will try to diversify and propose other countries/languages if there is an interest!). We will explore the different cultures through movies (with English subtitles, fear not!) and diverse activities (could be related to the food or a special activity happening the country seen at the time, etc.). We will also try to enter a few national competition to make sure HBHS is represented (National translation Bee competition, poster competition for the European day of languages,etc.)!

Life Skills 101: Painting and Decorating

Year Group: All

Day & Time: Tuesday's 3pm - 5pm


This Club will allow you to practise painting and decorating techniques and use them to paint/decorate a flat wall/surface area in acceptable time. Emphasis will be placed on the correct selection and safe use of the appropriate tools and equipment required to carry out basic tasks.

Although club members will work independently when carrying out tasks, after instruction, they will also function as effective members of a team by contributing to the maintenance of a clean and tidy work/living space, and by working responsibly with others.

Naturally, Health and Safety and Welfare in Construction/this kind of work, will be considered first.

Female Football Club

Year Group: All

Day & Time: Tuesday's 3pm - 4pm


Open to all players, new and experienced. We will be learning the importance of teamwork, communication and developing our ball handling skills. We hope to organise local matches for the team.

Pottery - Playing with clay

Year Group: Y&, Y8, Y9

Day & Time: Wednesday's 3pm - 4:30 pm


Fancy creating your own coil pots or hand built tiles? This is an opportunity to work with clay to produce hand built, 3D pieces of art. Clay is a hugely therapeutic medium, however be prepared to get a bit messy!


Year Group: All

Day & Time: Wednesday 3pm - 4pm


A chance to create a relaxing environment by using recycled materials to help create our own Henley Bank allotment. We will be gardening and growing our own food which will be used throughout the  community.


Year Group: All

Day & Time: Wednesday 3pm - 4:30pm


To learn how to play netball in a competitive setting and to develop skills from other year groups. 


Year Group: All

Day & Time: Wednesday 3pm - 4pm

LOCATION: Astro Pitch

Rugby training 


Year Group: All

Day & Time: Y7 Wednesday (Week1 Lunch) Y8 Wednesday (Week2 Lunch) All Years After School 3pm - 4pm


A chance to have a go at boxing-fitness training using boxing techniques working alongside professional boxers.

Legacy Music Club

Year Group: All

Day & Time: Wednesday's 3pm - 4pm


This club will be run very much based on what those attending want to do. Working with a professional musician and band leader, this club can be a chance to rehearse and practise an instrument, make a rock band, learn how to use music technology or learn a little more about how to play certain instruments and styles. 

Debate Club

Year Group: All

Day & Time: Thursday Lunchtime's


Understanding, discussing and debating current affairs. 

Legacy Pride

Year Group: All

Day & Time: Thursday's 3pm - 4pm


A space to learn and discuss Pride history and culture. This club will be a safe and accepting environment for all students who would like to be informed about LGBTQ+ issues.

Coding Club

Year Group: Y7 & Y8

Day & Time: Thursday 3pm - 4pm



Coding is giving instructions to a computer to tell it to do things. Learning to code is a bit like learning a second language, because to give instructions to a computer, you need to put the instructions into a language the computer understands. In Code Club we will begin looking at several computer languages and see what we can get our computers to do.

Science Club

Day & Time: Monday 3PM - 4PM 


Coming Soon...

Many more extracurricular clubs coming soon

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Wildlife and Environmental Club
  • Reading Club
  • Basketball