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Henley Bank High School

Henley Bank High School


Are there any rules for bags?

No you can bring whatever bag you like to school as long as it can suitably hold your equipment.

Can I wear a coat to school?

Of course! You can wear whatever coat you like as long as it is removed when you enter the school building. The only thing we do not allow to be worn to and from school is a hoodie.

Can I drop my child off in the car park?

For safety reasons we do not allow students to be dropped off inside the school or directly outside the front gate (where there are yellow hazard zig zags.) There is an overflow car park to the right of the sports hall entrance that you can drop off students if you need to.

We know you have disruption free learning, will my child be sent to APC for asking questions?

Absolutely not. Disruption free means free from anything that stops you from being able to learn. Asking questions is part of learning and we encourage students to ask for help if they need it. 

How do I pay for school meals?

We operate payments using My Child At School Payments. All parents are issued with an MCAS account at the start of Year 7. You can then add money online or through the app. Students will be given a PIN or use biometrics that links to the account and will be able to use this at the till in the canteen. This will be given to them in their first week at school.

What are the prices and menus for the canteen meals?

A meal deal costs £2.70

How do I get on the school bus?

The bus provider is John Dix. Henley Bank High School does not run this service and you will need to contact John Dix directly.

Why can’t my child bring a mobile phone to school?

We operate a no phones policy which means we do not want to see any phone in the school. This is because it disrupts learning and can cause safeguarding issues, particularly at break or lunchtime. We do understand that mobile phones help students and parents to feel protected if they are walking home from school. As long as the mobile phone is switched off and in their bag, they can use the phone on the journey to and from school.

Do you provide equipment?

We provide the basic essentials in their pencil case and they will receive this on their first day as a Year 7 in September. We do not provide the scientific calculator. Replacement equipment is available prior to roll call every morning. 

How do I apply for a uniform grant?

Please contact the School Office for an application form.



  1. My child cannot do PE - what do I need to do?

If your child is unable to do PE, please send your child in with their PE kit (apart from swimming) and a note to inform the department of what adjustments need to be made so that they can be included.

  1. Why does my child need to bring their kit if they aren’t doing PE?

As with all lessons students should be isolated from the lesson. We will ensure that students are involved in a coaching/supporting capacity. Students also remain with their class and this does mean if they are outside and it is raining they do not have a change of clothes for the rest of the day.

  1. My child is on crutches/in a boot/ sling etc

Students will still be expected where possible to attend the PE lesson. Whilst they are in the boot, sling or on crutches they do not need their kit.

  1. What do I do if my child has a period and is due to be swimming?

Students should bring a note. Please be aware that staff will track these notes to ensure that students access swimming where possible and that it is n;t being used as a means to avoid swimming.

  1. What is PW and what is the difference between that and PE?

PW is essentially a PE lesson. It will include swimming, trampolining, fitness and athletics. Students should have an appropriate PE kit for the lesson that they are on. Students will be told on their timetable if they have swimming. PE includes all games based activities and require normal PE kit

  1. Swimming, what does my child need eg: goggles/swim hat/costume?

Students need a swimming costume or two piece suit that covers their stomach area. Boys can wear shorts. There is no need to worry about the colour. Swimming hats and goggles are optional, but it is advised that goggles are their own and not shared with others. Some students prefer to wear shorts and a t.shirt - please ensure these are lightweight so that students are safe in the water.

  1. It’s getting colder. Can my child wear a hoodie? Joggers?

Students can wear black skins underneath their main PE kit. They are only to wear HBHS outer garments that are available from Monkhouse. We do not allow the wearing of hoodies for safety reasons. The HBHS hat is available to purchase through school, and gloves can be worn in some activities (netball being one).

  1. My child has a medical reason for not being able to do a specific activity.

Please email Mrs Cuke who will contact you to find out further details and how other arrangements can be made during this time.

  1. My child has forgotten their PE kit

Students will borrow our kit which is washed daily and after every borrowed use. They will also receive a social removal the following lunchtime for a lack of organisation. This information is visible on the behaviour policy on the school website.