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Henley Bank High School

Henley Bank High School


A high standard of personal presentation will be expected of all our students at all times whilst at Henley Bank High School

The compulsory uniform for years 7-10 consists of the following:


Henley Bank High School blazer

Henley Bank High School clip on tie

Henley Bank High School branded tartan skirt or formal tailored plain black trousers that cover the shoe laces (see notes below for prohibited styles)

Plain white cotton blouse/shirt with collar. This must be worn tucked in

Plain black formal shoes that can be polished to a shine (see notes below for prohibited styles)

The students in year 11 will continue to wear the compulsory Millbrook Academy uniform as follows unless the full new uniform is purchased.


Black Blazer – with Henley Bank High School Patch

Millbrook Academy clip on tie. For those with Performing Arts or Centre of Excellence ties, they must be worn to 1 inch above belt line

Plain black tailored knee length skirt or formal tailored plain black trousers that cover the shoe laces (see notes below for prohibited styles)

Plain white cotton blouse/shirt with collar.  This must be worn tucked in

Plain black formal shoes that can be polished to a shine (see notes below for prohibited styles)

Please note:

  • Prohibited trouser styles include but are not limited to - tight, skinny fit, narrow fit, stretchy, low rise, chinos, jeans, drainpipe, Miss Sixty, linen, leggings or cropped styles (please see photos below)  
  • Prohibited skirt styles (Y11 only) include but are not limited to – tight, stretchy and textured/patterned
  • Examples of prohibited footwear includes but are not limited to – trainers or trainer type shoe of any sort, canvas shoes, suede shoes, military-style or UGG style boots, skate type, or any above the ankle shoes. Shoes must be void of any buckles or decoration.
  • Socks must be plain black. Girls may wear plain black tights, no leggings.  

Getting the uniform right:

If you are in any doubt about the type of material and/or the style of the trouser we recommend that you please fall on the side of caution. School uniform is not a fashion statement so please bear in mind that many of the “Back to School” ranges of clothing and footwear marketed by high-street retailers may very well not be acceptable at Henley Bank High School. 

To complement a smart appearance the following will also be expected:

Jewellery - one wrist watch, and one simple and plain gold or silver stud per ear lobe are the only items of jewellery accepted at Henley Bank High School. Facial piercings of any kind, including transparent piercing retainers are prohibited. If parents wish for their children to have additional visible piercings this must be done with ample healing time so that the piercing can be removed during the school day.

Hair – hair is to be of a natural colour and of only one colour. Lines and patterns shaved into hair, Mohican or skinhead-type/shaved styles are prohibited with hair being no shorter than a grade 2 in length. Long hair must be tied back for PE, Technology and Science lessons. We ask that parents make informed decisions with respect to hair styles worn during school breaks, and ensure that all students return to school with acceptable styles.

Make-Up – No make-up of any kind is to be worn by any student whilst in school. This includes foundation, lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner, brow liner and nail varnish (including false nails and false eyelashes). Students arriving in school wearing makeup, nail varnish or false nails will be asked to remove it.

Additional notices:

  • Hooded and other branded jumpers or tracksuit tops of any sort are not to be worn anywhere on the school premised.
  • No headwear will be worn inside the school buildings except religious garments that must be plain black in colour
  • No additional jewellery may be worn or brought to school. The only exceptions are items of religious significance such as crosses, Stars of David, etc. (which should be on a long chain such that nothing is visible)
  • The use of mobile phones/iPads and headphones is prohibited on school premises and such items must be kept out of sight and turned off. These will be confiscated if seen/heard
  • In cases where medical reasons require a modification to the uniform policy, notice on letter headed paper from a medical professional must be addressed to the Head detailing the reason
  • Notes from parents will not be accepted for missing/forgotten items of uniform or medical dispensations.

To ensure that high standards of uniform are maintained and that the correct uniform is being worn in the correct manner at all times, morning line up will consist of a thorough check of personal appearance. In cases where personal appearance and uniform fails to adhere with the guidelines detailed, students will be sent to the APSC until the matter is resolved in full. Prohibited items of clothing will be confiscated on sight. Refusal to remove prohibited items will result in a fixed term exclusion.

To further support your decision making please find below photos of acceptable and unacceptable footwear and trousers that you can use when purchasing uniform items.


Uniform Acceptability Check

Acceptable footwear examples:



Unacceptable Footwear examples: 



Acceptable and unacceptable trouser examples